Here’s the movie that might just out-Hangover The Hangover: Part II at the box office this summer.  It even comes from the same writing team.

The Change-Up‘s premise is simple:  A bit of magic transforms family man Jason Bateman into the sexaholic Ryan Reynolds, and vice versa.   The hilarity comes from Reynolds being forced to deal with poopy diapers and a wife who doesn’t shut the bathroom door, and Bateman getting lots of T&A.  The dilemma comes from whether accepting T&A is wrong when you’re in another man’s body.

It doesn’t look great, but it doesn’t look horrible. It looks…typical.  Maybe I just like Bateman and Reynolds too much to completely dismiss it.  But oh, how I wish both actors would find a smart and sophisticated comedy to show off their funniness.   An Arrested Development kind of comedy. (That’s not a plea for a AD movie.  I would just like 2 hours of that kind of wit.) And who knows? Maybe this is.  If you boiled Arrested Development down to a poopy sizzle reel, it probably wouldn’t look good either.

The trailer is exclusive to Moviefone, who doesn’t believe in embeds.