456I miss saying something was “Something else on acid!” It was, for a time, perhaps the most overused descriptor in America, and it made me feel all warm and cuddly. Did anyone take the time this summer to say “Grizzly Man is like Grizzly Adams – on acid!”? I doubt it, and that’s too bad.

OK, back to the matter at hand – the poster for Final Destination III: Proving That We’re Being Incredibly Flexible With the Use of the Word Final. It’s a pretty great poster – not in the sense of greatness that I want to hang on my wall, but in the sense of greatness that I want to go see this damn thing. Final Destination is about the only current horror franchise worth a damn, no matter what the new layout of this site says, and III has Darren Morgan and James Wong behind the camera – great guys who brought us some of the best episodes of The X-Files, as well as the superior first installment of this particular film franchise.

Final Destination III is due out in February. For a larger look at the poster, head to Bloody Disgusting.