456CHUD.com is partnering up with Lion’s Gate and Fandango to let five lucky CHUD readers win a free pair of tickets to Saw II, opening this weekend.

The tickets are through Fandango only, so make sure that Fandango has a listing for a local theater playing this film before you enter. The tickets will be good from tomorrow through Halloween. And you had best be 17 or older, since this is a rated R film.

Winning is easy – just send me an email (with SAW II in the subject line) listing your favorite all time movie kill. It can be a horror film, a comedy film, hell, a documentary film if you’re a real sicko. Just get it to me by midnight tonight (Pacific time, so my fellow East Coasters have until 3AM. The rest of you assholes in between – work out the math for yourself).

What are you waiting for? Send an email to devin@chud.com now!