April 19

Media: The near-sexual domination of the Dodgers by the Braves.

Music: Nein.

Comedy: A healthy dose of Doug Stanhope, just to help channel my ire into a laser of hate.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: God-Damned Chick Fil-A, which is ironic since God is all Chick Fil-A cares about. A God-Damned grilled chicken sandwich. A Makers with a splash of diet coke, and a God-Damned Java by Drew Estate. It was a sweet and warm return to flavored cigar town.

Family: Watched the miniature gentleman until around 11am. Saw Mom and Aunt Dora for a stretch, then got Sofia. Then fed all some religious food. When Catherine arrived and the smoke cleared, I was able to focus on what I’m supposed to be focused on.

Friends: Office folks for a brief. Jeffreys folks for a brief. Andrea visited as well, and the cigar room was acrid with smoke and Braves success.

Work: Another vital call as well as some effort being made as to apply pressure on our shaky revenue stream. More of a trickle, really. Did a Morning Screw, which I think turned out well. The results are now on iTunes right here:

The CHUD Show

Art: Nope.

Goodies: I was hosed!

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: No.

Minutia: In this world of supposedly civilized people I am astounded that some people, grown people, are so afraid of confrontation they won’t address the outstanding issues they and I have.

Activity: A little cardio to remind me that my endurance these days is a gay apostle.

Ailments: Not much. I mean, people make me ill but that’s more societal than any other sort of calamity.

Shrink’s Chair: I think everyone needs that thing that calms them. A much needed activity or recreation. It could be cigars, it could be exercise, masturbation, whatever. It’s so important. Whatever it takes to purge your frustration so they don’t manifest in ways that slow you down or cause static with others. My “one thing” doesn’t exist so I try to juggle. Whatever it takes not to murder.

Asshole(s) of the Day: If it’s true he’s dating a high schooler, that old friend of mine who seems so lost it may be better just to remove him completely from my life.

True Trivia: I’ve been the ‘Best Man’ at two weddings, but both were sort of last minute things and not the kind of weddings built around having the fun and build-up associated with such things. I appreciated the nod, but it wasn’t the textbook definition either time. I missed that opportunity and none of my unmarried friends are close enough to justify it. Plus, I’m of the belief second marriages ought to be more low key affairs.

What Did I Learn Today: Open Mic Night is a dumb idea at Jeffreys.

Link of the Day: Raw Dog Comedy. It was better as XM Comedy but still a good source of nice candid discussions with comedians and a perfect place to decide who’s great and who deserves hate. Unfortunately Jim Breur’s on there a lot and he’s a nightmare.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A long ass day.

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