lbHere’s the thing about Kevin Costner: he’s got a limited range as an actor, and he’s pretentious as hell as a director. If you leave the director part off and accept his acting for what it is, the guy is pretty good and has, on occasion, starred in some terrific and underloved movies – Thirteen Days and Open Range being chief among these.

I think that his range could very comfortable fit in “serial killer,” which is the role he is taking on in Mr. Brooks, the latest film (and directorial debut) from the guy who wrote Kuffs and Jungle 2 Jungle. Will careers never cease?

The best thing about this movie is that Production Weekly is reporting it as a “physiological thriller,” and I see already that Coming Soon has accepted this without question. Hey, maybe it is a “physiological thriller” and Evans has decided to head into Cronenberg territory. I think Kevin Costner could do well with the New Flesh.

Sadly, it’s most likely a psychological thriller. But how I hope I’m wrong.