lkhnI like it when two of my favorite things come together, so how psyched am I that Darren Aronofsky, one of my favorite directors, will be directing an episode of Lost, my favorite TV show? Mucho psyched, is what I would say if I was a Mexican.

“It was one of those fantastic calls out of the blue,” says Lost exec producer Carlton Cuse. “His agents let us know he liked the show, and we jumped at the opportunity. Apparently, he had been watching Lost while up in Montreal shooting The Fountain and got hooked.”

The Aronofsky episode will begin shooting at some time when he has finished work on his still release dateless The Fountain, and will air during May sweeps (attention, Warner Bros – could you have found your release date?). I hope that Aronofsky gets a chance to bring his own special touch to his episode. I think there’s something very second season of Lost about his first film, Pi.

And Lost folks – make sure to get Aronofsky for a commentary when you put the season 2 DVD together!