It’s a shame that the script for Ouija won’t be receiving the literary mastercrafting of Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, but alas they have moved on to their own TV show. McG’s board game blockbuster still needs something scribbled on paper to shoot with though, so this self-described “four-quadrant supernatural adventure” has scooped up a writer from the Disney DTV stable, and attached Evan Spiliotopoulos to write Ouija. Spilioopou… Evan has written or worked on everything from Lion King 1&1/2 to The Jungle Book 2 to the Battle for Terra. He’s even got some Tinkerbell work on his resume!

Lest you think it’s all been kid stuff for Evan, he did apparently contribute to the Wanted 2 script that hasn’t gone anywhere (whether or not that’s the fault of his work- who know?). Regardless, that project seems to have stalled past the point of no return, so the Disney stuff is what we have to go on.

Presumably Evan will be bringing his family film magic to a project that’s been pitched as The Mummy meets Indiana Jones. Strangely enough, never a mention of Jumanji

In any event, the studio set a date for (November 12th, 2012) ages ago, and have been especially picky about choosing their director, so it seems they really see this as a serious potential money-maker. Kudos to Spiliotopoulos for stepping out of the DTV into blockbuster script writing, but he’d best cross his fingers that nobody curves a bullet into this movie too.

Source | THR (via /Film)

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