SundanceNOW, the website that lets you rent and buy indie flicks online, is offering up a pretty good deal for horror fans. April is horror month (weirdly enough) and they’ve got three movies for 99¢ a pop, much nicer than their usual price of $3.99.

The three films included are Larry Fessenden’s bleak Ron Perlman-starring The Last Winter, Glenn McQuaid’s I Sell The Dead (which I sold myself), and the Tale of Two Sisters remake The Uninvited, which I haven’t seen yet myself. The other two are aces, however. Here are the details and codes that they sent over- you’ll need them for the discount if you should be so inclined.

THE LAST WINTER (Watch this on SundanceNOW for 99¢ with the code: WINTER)

Set in the blinding white beauty of the Alaskan wilderness…the story brings us close to a small research team scouting the crude commercial possibilities for a large oil company. Under the corporate rubric of “energy independence,” the company hopes to drill through the permafrost, a scheme that promises shivers that have nothing to do with the cold.

Directed by Larry Fessenden, and starring Ron Perlman and James Le Gros, THE LAST WINTER was called one of the top movies of 2007.

I SELL THE DEAD (Watch this on SundanceNOW for 99¢ with the code: DEAD)

In I SELL THE DEAD, 19th century justice has finally caught up with two of the craftiest grave robbers in town. With only a few hours to go before his date with the guillotine, body-snatcher Arthur Blake (Dominic Monaghan) tells his life story to the peculiar Father Francis Duffy (Ron Perlman). Before long, Arthur spills the beans on how he got started in the grim corpse peddling usiness with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes (Larry Fessenden). As the whisky flows Arthur’s tales get stranger and stranger. From their graveyard discoveries of vampires and zombies to tales of vicious gang rivalries with the infamous House of Murphy, Arthur’s confessions are the stuff of legend! Whether pillaging in fog drenched grave yards or plotting on blood soaked coast lines, Grimes and Blake leave no graves unturned. Their colorful and peculiar history is one filled with adventure, horror, and mayhem that threaten to drag all involved down into the very graves they’re trying to pilfer.

An official selection at the 2009 Philadelphia and Los Angeles Film Festivals, I SELL THE DEAD stars Dominic Monaghan, Ron Perlman, Larry Fessenden and is directed by Glenn McQuaid.

THE UNINVITED (Watch this on for 99¢ with the code: UNINVITED)

A young woman’s nightmarish past returns to trigger off a bizarre phobia she was once cured of; an intense fear of space, eased only by closeness to walls. She becomes a psychological survivalist when her remote house suddenly becomes a spiritual battleground, as evil forces gather to torture her during a night of terror.

Directed by Bob Badway, THE UNINVITED stars Marguerite Moreau, Brittany Curran and Colin Hay.