csaA scooper has told Coming Soon! that one of the roles in Quentin Tarantino’s half of the upcoming film Grindhouse may have been cast.

Grindhouse is a neat experiment of a movie – Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez will both direct one hour segments based on the kind of movies you would have once seen at a Times Square movie theater, before Disney moved in. Hearkening back to some of the greatest exploitation films of all time, Grindhouse will also be filled with other goodies, including fake trailers.

The actor who has been approached is Wolf Creek star John Jarrett, who claims to be buddies with QT. There’s no information on whether Jarrett would be in the main feature of Tarantino’s segment, or in one of the trailers. He’s next appearing in Rogue, about a big man-eating crocodile. This whole article makes me feel like I’m 13 again and going through the horror section of my local video store – and I love it!