’s fitting that on the week before Halloween I’m running a contest for the Korean horror film Spider Forest. Because there’s nothing scarier than running a CHUD contest, of course.

Spider Forest isn’t your average Pacific Rim horror picture – it’s a psychological thriller about mysterious murders in a cabin in the woods, and the spotty memory of the man who tried to catch the killer. Or did he?

It’s the latest DVD from Tartan Asia Extreme, an imprint that’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, since they regularly release cool Asian films in great editions. This isn’t just the faddish stuff, but the best of the weird, violent and scary from the East. Check out their site here to see what you’re missing out on.

Do you want a copy of Spider Forest? I have five to give out, and it’s easy for you to win one – just send an email to with SPIDER FOREST in the subject line, and include your mailing address in the body. It’s that easy!