Greetings Los Angeles Fright fans!

April has turned out to be a jam-packed month for Sebastian O’Brien and I’s midnight movie series, Friday Night Frights. Normally we only do two shows a month, but this April has a whopping five Fridays, and on top of this we’ve had a last minute addition to our line-up that had to happen this Friday for scheduling reasons. That film is…

Stake Land, the latest enterprise out of genre maverick Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix. Quoth the FNF blurb of power:

Like the undead lovechild of Zombieland and The Road, fest sensation Stake Land is the perfect antidote for the emo-teen vampires of Twilight. These vamps don’t sparkle like couture in the sunlight, and they sure as hell don’t want you to love them — they’re dirty, scary bloodsuckers who’ve become the dominant predators in a post-apocalyptic hell. And it seems vampires aren’t the worst thing out there, as our band of travelers (rounded out by genre favorite Danielle Harris and Kelly “Top Gun” McGillis) run afoul of a religious cult with nefarious designs of their own. Like all good horror yarns, what makes Stake Land special is the characters and the situations, and the film delivers with strong performances and unexpected twists. It all translates into a rockin’ good time for anyone who has ever loved Mad Max, but wished there were more vampires in it!

Friday, 4/22, midnight at The Cinefamily.


Normally I’m here giving away free tickets to some lucky Chewers, but this Stake Land screening is free free free. But I’m still here to help. See, all attendees must RSVP for the show individually. The downside is that an RSVP does not guarantee you a spot inside. It is first come first serve. This of course means that normally you would need to show up ass-early to get good seats. But I am going to reserve two comfy couches (which can comfortably seat three people, depending on your girth) for two different winners.

But there is more! At our last free screening (Rubber), we had to turn away a hundred people at the door. I don’t want any Chewers to get turned away this time. So, any Chewers who enter this contest are guaranteed entry to the show in case we reach capacity.

To enter simply send an email to with STAKE LAND in the subject line, and tell me who you would want to be your cohort on a post-apocalyptic road trip. Two important things: make sure to give me your full name, and make sure you RSVP for the show. Entering this contest does not count as an RSVP and you will get lost in the shuffle. I will only be contacting the two couch winners, but like I said, if you enter this contest you will be able to get into the show.

Good hunting, fiends.