STUDIO: Warner Bros.
MSRP: $19.97
SPECIAL FEATURES: Theatrical Trailer

The Pitch

“It’s A.I. meets Xtro!“

The Humans

Julie Christie (Doctor Zhivago), Fritz Weaver (Creepshow), Gerrit Graham (Phantom of the Paradise)

The Nutshell

When arrogant scientist Dr. Harris (Weaver) creates Proteus IV, a high-functioning artificial intelligence, he isn’t prepared to deal with a machine that will argue with him and disobey his commands. And eventually put the moves on his neglected wife Susan (Christie).

4 out of 5 puny humans prefer the left claw.

While the Prof is away on business, Proteus (uncredited voice of Robert Vaughn) overrides his fully-automated house, trapping and terrorizing Susan.

Note to self: a computerized lock on the kitchen door? Save a buck.

The Package

What’s the point of spoiler space or inviso-text when the twist is right there on the front cover? Sheesh. 2.35:1 scope, anamorphic transfer, digital mono. I’d say it looks good for a movie from 1977, but that was the same year Star Wars came out.

"Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!"

The Lowdown

This is possibly the sickest movie ever produced by a major studio with a major star (except for Mrs. Doubtfire, of course). While there is intellectual value to the idea of an artificial mind seeking a path to flesh-and-blood existence, the filmmakers’ true motives are revealed by the time we see Ms. Christie tied down spread-eagled on a four-poster bed. By a robot wheelchair with an arm on it. And hey– how does it tie the knots with only one hand?

No joke– this is exactly what it looks like. That’s right. A robot penis.

If you’re a fan of bad taste, or truly believe that any flick with Bud the Chud in it can’t be all bad, by all means check this one out. You’ll find a prime candidate for the 100 Best Kills list too.

3 out of 10