Super 8 lies on the not-so-distant horizon, its plot and secrets obfuscated to the last.   Still, we know too much. It no longer interests Mr. Abrams! Onto the next vague and undefined project!

According to Deadline, Paramount and Abrams have brought on Fringe’s Monica Breen and Alison Schapker to rewrite one of Abrams’ top secret Paramount projects. It’s titled Zanbato, and has something to do with Japanese history and robotics. Reportedly,  swashbuckling robots with swords are also involved. (Shades of Sucker Punch?)  Francis Lawrence was once attached to direct, but now it may be Abrams who takes the helm.

This is not necessarily Abrams’ next project, but I can’t help but be reminded of the last time we got a line or two about “a future film” that was in the pipeline, that was/wasn’t something he was working on with Steven Spielberg … and just as it was denied, it turned out to be Super 8. So let’s just watch this space, shall we?