April 17

Media: Braves lose. Poon. Various pieces of basketball games during poker.

Music: None, though we played some of the new stuff for the visitors.

Comedy: Zero comedy.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Hudson Grill pretzel appetizer and a little grilled chicken. I cooked ‘The Fifth Horseman’, my signature modified dish that lives between the world of chicken parmesan, chicken saltimboca, and a baked chicken. I was rushed but it was pretty good. Garlic bread as well, and I now have a favorite way of doing it thanks to Mr. Hawkins grabbing unbaked bread. Had Grand Marnier and some Newcastles. And an Ennis & Gunn. Delight. Jeff gave me a Cuban to smoke, which was good but the pull on it was impossible. It was like trying to suck a knot through Little Otik’s cock. Still, was good. Followed up with a BrickHouse from Dave (slang).

Family: A whole house full of beasts! Mom’s brother Frank and his wife Janet. Mom’s sister Mary. Mom’s sister-in-law Dora. Plus my little beans, Catherine, Mom and a whole mess of…

Friends: …like Renn, Andrea, John, Andrew Hawkins and then additional folks at poker like Dave, Jamie, Jeff, and Josh. A conglomerate of all good. Poker was nice. I personally didn’t have to put up with any of the poker folks I don’t enjoy being around. Was good to see Hawkins before he jets off to Kuwait to make the world a scarier place.

Work: Work and I aren’t on speaking terms today.

Art: A tiny bit for GUY.com’s dating advice column (upcoming).

Goodies: The new issue of Popular Mechanics! I spoil myself so.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: No.

Minutia: I wish I knew how to build shit with wood and shit.

Activity: Going from one place to another and drinking.

Ailments: A little fatigue, but the foot feels pretty goddamn good. Looks like I’ll be ready to play ball Wednesday and Thursday and re-aggravate it.

Shrink’s Chair: Being with folks doesn’t require filling every empty space with words. One of my favorite things about hanging with Steve Murphy is that there’s no quota. And when words ARE said, they’re usually in extremely poor taste. It warms the nut.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The bartender girl at Hudson is cute, though too skinny for science and her complete lack of charisma, communicative skills, or personality lowers her to somewhere between Jack Elam and the Fruit Fly.

True Trivia: I find dancing one of the stupidest things to do or watch on the planet.

What Did I Learn Today: That the gals at Jeffrey’s can hold their own in a fight. Melissa took a fist to the face and called the dude out for not being able to drop her. Amazing.

Link of the Day: My Myspace. It is a happening place.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Workin’ ass!

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