April 18

Media: Game of Thrones, episode one. LOVED IT. Tag Team review coming. A pretty shitty Braves loss. To baby-faced Ted Lilly of all people.

Music: Nope.

Comedy: No.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Chicken biscuit. Enchilada. Leftovers. Pizzeria Pretzel Combos! I love them and they ruin my insides. I felt like the shitweasel was giving birth in my stomachass. Also had a nice Gurkha Shaggy, an Allagash, and some delightful XxX Vitamin Water. This was a bad day for my insides.

Family: Got to see my super smalls and Catherine for a good bit. I made a point to be a relaxing man, and was magnanimous in letting the wife go on a shopping spree… at CVS.

Friends: Office folks briefly. Mr. Pat Ferrer, who joined me for some Tara Humata. Was nice to see him.

Work: Important phone calls, bouncing around from place to place. Got some stuff done, but the real meat of the week is Tues-Thurs this week.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Jackpussy.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: A little bit on the comic.

Minutia: I passed a neighborhood I never knew existed and instantly wanted to live there.

Activity: Contorting my innards to accommodate the shitweasel.

Ailments: A little headache but nothing akin to listening to the Zac Brown Band.

Shrink’s Chair: My hatred of religion isn’t for attention. I’ve read the bible cover to cover. I went to a Catholic school for a year and a Baptist one for three. I’ve observed it all my life. I have some very hardcore religious people in my family. I tried, I really did. Then I got smart and realized how dumb it all is. So, I’m not just snapping off to a conclusion. One of the big tracks (or tracts) in this silly life of mine has been trying to understand, and not criticizing religion.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The fucker on the motorcycle who came up between me and another car in traffic. Is that legal? Also, is it legal if I open my door real fast as he does that?

True Trivia: I’m 1/4th Polish. Which sucks.

What Did I Learn Today: It’s time to put the Combos away for good.

Link of the Day: Star Control II. One of the great games of all time. Learn about it.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Child care. Photography. Braves!

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