had two bad jokes to start this off. Tell me which is worse/better.

1. So, you’re a neophyte yet you don’t know how to express it…

2. Next time someone asks you "How’s Tricks?", tell them it’s fine and good because the saga of The Matrix is back on solid footing with this exciting new game!

That is actually a pair of lame entries, but the fact remains is that Atari’s upcoming The Matrix: Path of Neo game has been on my radar for quite some time and it’s one I really think will deliver on the amazing possibilities of this universe that was so colossally dropped when Enter the Matrix came out a few years ago.

This one has you playing as Neo and the screen shots and video I’ve seen of it are amazing. I’ll be reviewing the XBOX version of this game as we get to the release date of the game (11.8.05) but in the meantime we have a copy for the PC, a copy for the PS2, and a copy for the XBOX to give away and I figured that’d be of interest to you.

The official site for the film is HERE, and check out these screenshots:

The Wachowski Brothers obviously have read a lot of Cyberpunk and religion and philosophy as well as digested Anime and Manga like wild men, but there’s a video game vibe to these films that make them so ripe for the format as well. Playing as Neo and delivering the hurt on Agents is as logical a choice as any film to game translation in history. Thing is, back in the old days there was only so much you could do on a Sega Genesis. Now, things are a little different.

So, to win one of these luscious goodies, answer the questions below and send me an entry using the email link in this article. Good luck and don’t forget your mailing address should you win!

1. Which of these three images most intrigues/excites you about the game and why?

2. What moment in the three films would you most like to be able to play on your gaming system?

3. What other film currently not available as a video game ought to be made into one?

4. What platform would you like this game on should you win?