.I don’t know if this is the official teaser poster for Neil Labute’s upcoming remake of The Wicker Man, but I hope it is. It’s pretty damn cool. A reader who obviously is fond of The X-Files sent this image in and it looks legit enough to pop on the site as a possibility.

The original flick is kind of cool and spooky in its own way, though I wish I’d not have forked over the dough for that crappy wooden box DVD, because as the kids say, it ain’t all that.

What is all that is Mr. Labute, a really cool guy (who chatted me up about this film two and a half years ago here) and a wonderful filmmaker. I love his Your Friends and Neighbors, In the Company of Men, and Possession like nobody’s business and feel he’s a nice guy to pair with this arcane material and the resurgent Nicolas Cage.

I wonder how this film will turn out. After all, wicker is out of style these days and the last thing we need is a return of easy to shatter furniture that gives you ass splinters. Then again, with people making pilgramages to Burning Man shows, maybe the time is right for such incendiary material.

So, here’s the poster. If you’ve seen it already and this is old news, uh… sorry.