We already learned valuable economics lessons at hero school with the X-Men movies and Disney’s minor hit Sky High, but it must be time to focus on the martial arts curriculum.  Sure, Asian films have already thoroughly covered such territory with Volcano High and My Schoolmate the Barbarian and others, but now the Weinsteins want in on the bone-crunching action.

Bob and Harv are dipping into their newly deepened pockets to purchase the pricey property Kung Fu High School, based on the novel by Ryan Gattis (BUY IT HERE!).  Sort of like a schoolyard variant of The Warriors (or worse, The Purifiers), the superviolent story follows a new student at a hellish high school where gangs of combat-trained teens rule the halls, literally stomping each others’ guts out as necessary.

The book has already been adapted by screenwriter Ernesto Foronda (who’s also working on the pointless Oldboy remake, which I’m still praying never happens). Sounds like the Weinsteins are trying to beat Tony Scott’s remake of The Warriors to the proverbial punch…

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