The trailer and other materials from X-Men: First Class have definitely turned me around from my formerly negative opinion, but… well, damn man… the fuck?

This is an example of one of those pictures that looks like it was composed in photoshop, even though it may not have been. I think. Either that or it’s a serious embarrassment.  Something about the reflective lighting on McAvoy’s face and his weirdly rim-lit hair makes him look low-res and snipped from a differently compressed image, while Fassbender’s contorted pose along with the less-than-dramatic angle on his fuckin’ shit up hand does no justice to the large-scale badassery that is probably happening in the reverse of this shot.

Just… damn. I know it’s a throwaway Facebook tease still, but do better Fox.

Let me know if you agree- maybe there’s something I’m not seeing…

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(via Collider)