casAs Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller get back together to start work on Sin City 2 (a title cleverly designed to help you realize that this is in fact related in some way to Rodriguez and Miller’s Sin City. See the film to find out how!), the good people at The Weinstein Co have announced that there will also be a TV series set in that chiaroscuro hellhole.

As far as details go, that’s about it. There’s been no announcement as to what the involvement of Miller and Rodriguez will be, or what sort of content the show will have. Will it be on HBO and be balls out, or will it be on CBS and be balls in, which I guess is the opposite of balls out?

I’m not a huge fan of the original film – I found it to be quite OK. And I think that the comics sort of suck. But I find myself incredibly intrigued by the concept of a weekly TV show in black and white. Has that happened since color TVs became widely available?

The Weinstein Co has also announced that there will be a TV series based on CHUD fave Rounders, to cash in on the current (and as far as I can tell, seriously waning to the point of being over) poker craze. Hey, if a successful and enduring TV show could be made from Midnight Run, why not Rounders? Also, I haven’t seen Ed Norton in anything in a long time. Maybe he could use the paycheck.