Rounding off some of the interesting stories floating around this weekend that I wanted to get you caught up on, are a set of new still from the 3D Silent Hill sequel Revelations. These stills match up nicely with some long-exposure shots of the same set that have circled around online since last week. Put together they show this location could be visually transformed from something quiet and haunting to something violent and horrifying- a wonderful aspect of the first film. Keep in mind that only the fiery shots are actual film stills, but the potential duality of the sets remains clear.

There are more shots from both sets, including a tease of Pyramid Head, who will return as the most iconic (and psycho-sexual) piece of pregnant imagery in the first film and games.

I remain bummed that Cristophe Gans will not return to the world of Silent Hill, as his approach to the franchise resulted in a very flawed, but ultimately unique film. It’s hard to compare any other contemporary film to Silent Hill, which was a wonderfully textural, atmospheric horror trip that managed to subtly integrate the game’s structure even if it suffered by adopting the video game climactic exposition dump. One hopes that new director Michael J. Bassett will find a similar environmental nightmare to bring to the screen. He’s got more of a cast to work with this time around, as returning actors Rhada Mitchell and Sean Bean will be joined by Carrie Anne-Moss and Malcolm McDowell.

From what I can tell the story picks up where the last film left off, with two returning characters with changed names running from the unseen forces of Silent Hill. Naturally, they end up having to face the nightmarish environment, though I’m not 100% sure how certain elements of the last film’s ending lead into the sequel. I’m not familiar with the games, but apparently Silent Hill 3 is the basis for Revelations.

Silent Hill: Revelations 3D is set for 2012, though no exact date is confirmed.

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