Shawn Levy must have done something right with Real Steel, as Dreamworks is already moving the pieces in place to launch a sequel. New deals will be going out to principle cast and crew, while a script has been commissioned from John Gatins, who wrote the first film (and Coach Carter!). This news comes from Deadline, who suggests very positive feedback from in-house screenings of the film have led to this premature franchise-preparation.

I’ve rarely been as baffled by a trailer as I was for Real Steel, which looked so much to me like the kind of parody trailer that pops up in shows and movies to make fun of Hollywood’s inanity. Something about the absurdity never clicked over to silly fun from holyshit stupid for me. My reaction is apparently not the norm, and maybe I’m just being a sourpuss about it. That said, how the fuck is this not the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie? With the depths to which the studio have plunged for branding opportunities… it would seem so perfectly natural, and a way of tackling the silliness head-on. There is absolutely no way there’s not a reference to the game in a robot design or cute head-popping moment in the film, either way.

These thoughts are the reason I will not be enjoying the many millions that Dreamworks will surely make from this.

If you’re not caught up and are still at a loss as to what this film is about and what I’m blathering on about, Real Steel is slated for October 7th and follows a washed up boxer in a world where robot cock-fighting is the new fad. Taking on the role of promoter and fixing up a trashed fighting robot, Jackman’s character wirelessly fights his way back up to the top or something. A lot of big names like Spielberg, Zemeckis, and Don Murphy have their names on the film, which is the newest from mainstream family panderer Shawn Levy.

I wonder if this strong confidence in Real Steel foreshadows a release date move. Several of this summer’s titles have been moved around to jump in on or avoid the summer month rush. If Dreamworks sees their robot boxing film as a serious franchise starter, then maybe they’ll throw it into the ring as well…

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(via Total Film)