The superhero pop song is back! One wouldn’t expect Kenneth Branagh’s Asgardian epic to be the one to bring us the latest superhero/supergroup tie-in, but apparently the emotional and thematic concerns of the latest Foo Fighters track were just too appropriate. Citing “eerie appropriate lyrics and themes”, Branagh and Kevin Fiege have decided to tie in the song “Walk” from the group’s upcoming album into Thor as both a diegetic track in the film, and as a triumphant closing credits anthem. Apparently Thor has an evening out on the bar scene with a new scientist-friend that will be backed by Dave Grohl and Co.

You can hear a live (SNL) performance of the track right here…

From that Kevin Fiege tells the LA Times, “…Ken in particular just loved it with these lyrics about learning to walk again and the way that fit the themes of the movie about redemption, learning to be a hero. The song starts off talking about being a million miles away from home and yearning and being separated by vast distances, and it’s no secret that Thor and Natalie’s character are from different worlds.”

Foo Fighters have never been a group I’ve enjoyed (or hated for that matter), but this song strikes me as their usual blend of chops mixed with standard pop-rock sensibilities. I’m not the right one to judge, I suppose. Os for the tie-in itself… this could be a shameless, last-minute pop tie-in to help prop up an increasingly-risky superhero gamble, or it may very well be a perfect tonal fit for the film. Over the weekend a batch of early online reviews of Thor emerged, and most were pretty guarded with praise. From what I could tell, the forgiving nature of each reviewer’s piece seemed directly proportional to how much nostalgia and goodwill they brought to the table. Take that as you will. CHUD is involved in screenings of the film in several cities, so we’ll certainly be letting you know what we think, and hope you’ll do the same.

(via JoBlo)

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