April 16

Media: Braves vs. Mets times two = Two Braves wins. Amazing stuff and I was able to watch damn near every pitch. Waves of healing washed over me like the spent seed of Apollo himself! I also watched a very surprising Hawks victory. overall a good day for Atlanta sports. If every NASCAR driver all smashed into each other and exploded it’d had been a perfect day.

Music: I made mixes of the rock and roll and it’s pretty solid. The Killing Swarm’s Splinters & Myths album will have 20 songs and run 72 minutes or so. That’s a lot of value when it comes to rock and asshole.

Comedy: No.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A Publix sub. Delight. Grilled chicken and vegentables, not so bad. And a banana! Also took lots of water inside, some coffee, and a dash of Jameson’s on the rocks.

Family: Got to see everyone. Hung with the old timers in the evening (Mom had two siblings in town at once!). Spent a good bit of time with Rocco while Sofia got to ride a pony (amazing). Catherine and I lounged while I watched amazing shit and she watched horrible shit. It was a lazy day, and much-needed one.

Friends: NONE! I saw a few familiar faces at Jeffrey’s but not friends in the real sense of the word.

Work: Not much. I had designs on doing some but realized no one much cares if I run my blog precisely on time.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: I got a bunch of things for the new entertaining space BELOW the deck and free of wind and horror (and the eyes of boring neighbors). The gentleman who’ll be waterproofing met with me, and he’s going to do some other stuff to make the world a better place. If I can save a little dough it’s time to turn that storage room that’s tapped out to be a bathroom into an actual bathroom. I’ve always wanted to shit downstairs.

Screenwriting: I did. Some decent stuff, actually.

Projects: Nah.

Minutia: The image of me on a ladder, my son swinging in his little kid swing below me, a giant dog running to him and licking him happily is either a beautiful slice of Americana or the last frame before hell breaks loose. Actually that’s a good definition of Americana: A beautiful frozen image of wholesome down home fun a second before something cold cocks its ass.

Activity: I was a do-it-myselfer. And for once no tissues were involved.

Ailments: Your mother’s ass.

Shrink’s Chair: The therapeutic 1-2 punch of my teams winning and creating someplace new to hang at the house is tough to compete with.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The language barrier. I say “tomato” and the Latin gentleman who will be helping me solve my house says “The satyr’s rib roast”, or something of the sort.

True Trivia: If there’s something in my nose that needs to be outed, I have no problems picking that bitch.

What Did I Learn Today: It’s very easy to do stuff in home improvement that immediately needs to be undone.

Link of the Day: Hawks Box Score. They’ve already overachieved this playoff season.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Braves! Poker! Nice weather! Hawkins farewell!

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