April 15

Media: A Braves rainout! What are you thinking, Zeus?

Music: Yep. After dinner Micah and John came over to rock our own asses away. We recorded three songs. I played drums on one, bass on one, and guitar on one. The consistent factor: they’re great.

Comedy: Listened to the Ron White director’s cut podcasts from Stand-Up Sit-Down. So good.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Some delightful pasta from Z Pizza. Actually it was kinda balls. Great food from Armando’s Caribe for dinner. Paella Valencina and a mussels appetizer. Super stuff. Had a few Spaniard beers to accompany. After, some Pritchard’s Peach Mango rum and a hookah built of Orange and Cherry tobacco.

Family: Not much. A little here and there. Mom has had help from other family with her stuff.

Friends: The work crew, and then John, Micah, and Andrea for the afterwards things. It was fun.

Work: We busted BALL. I got two great GUY.com pieces up, some great CHUD stuff, and we ran a really fun Friday segment. What’s not to be proud of?

Art: Nope.

Goodies: I am due a gift!

Screenwriting: A little.

Projects: No. Next week is a big one of projects.

Minutia: I love one-day storms.

Activity: Some, but my foot is a ruined man.

Ailments: See above.

Shrink’s Chair: While keeping an eye on the tornado warning, we had a discussion about preparing for them. I heard a tactic that blows my mind: God’ll decide. Actually no. If you believe in God you should also believe that old proverb about the dude stranded who resists all the people that tried to help him only to find that they were “sent” by God. We have many things to warn of us dangerous shit. We are reasoning animals, we should KNOW. Just like when animals flee the forest before some shit goes down we should also realize that we’re rather insignificant and to be wholly dumb about it. Then again, the people I would like to see disappeared are the ones who think their God is going to compete with 200mph winds whipping shards of trees into you.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Old lady staring at us at the restaurant. What, you’ve never seen three grown people in Stormtrooper costumes? Kidding, we were just talking too loud, but fuck her.

True Trivia: When I fractured my skull in 10th grade I didn’t know who my parents were. My dad’s name was “Strawbag” to me for some reason. They asked me my birthday, and I answered the very true “July 3rd”. “What year?” the doctor asked. “Every year!” was my reply. It was then they realized I was beyond saving.

What Did I Learn Today: 2 drinks, good for Andrea. 4 drinks, Andrea deserves Ike Turner.

Link of the Day: A Vagina Facebook is racist against. It’s a classical work of art that’s hundreds of years old, but I guess it’s NSFW because of extreme puss’n’bush.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Braves doubleheader!

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