.I’m going to just say it now that the discs are out and so many people know already:

The DVD commentary that I participated in and was ultimately cut from the disc was for The Fly II. Along with a few other webheads, I delivered as many jokes as I could but for one reason or another (not my fault!), the thing never came to be. It’s a shame really. If you’re ever at my house, maybe I can play you a clip or something.

So, I guess we’ll have to wait for MEG or something before I spout my inane ramblings in the digital realm. Either way, the fact remains that these two packages are must own for fans of horror, fans of body horror, or fans of anything centered around animals who’d rather do nothing with their day than sit on a lump of shit. Imagine that. The Chuck E. Cheese of the insect kingdom is a pile of ass shot.

These super loaded discs of Brundle joy are out in stores and Russ is planning to have nice extensive reviews of them in the very near future and we have a few of them to hand out to you if you play by our rules (and buy all your Amazon purchases through the link on CHUD!) and are chosen by a panel of ME!

Here’s the questions to answer, and please use the link below and include your mailing address so I have a place to send these suckers:

1. Best moment in Cronenberg’s The Fly?

2. Best moment in Walas’ The Fly II?

3. Best moment in ZZ Top’s Velcro Fly?

4. Tell me the worst insect experience you’ve ever had (yeah include other similar classes, I’m aware than technically, jackals are not insects.

5. I have an idea for an Ant Lion horror movie. Would you pay to see one?

6. You’re gonna grab Left Turn, right?