Sick.I hope that, like me, you look at that picture and think ‘what the fuck is that?’

There’s nothing I like better on a Friday morning than hitting Apple, home of overpriced highfalutin’ tech, only to see some sick, slimy new Slither footage. Yeah, we should all be sad that the opening text has been changed from ‘pussies’ to ‘sissies’. But you didn’t really think Universal had the stones to stick with that?

New stuff in the trailer includes a few more bits of Fillion (watch this one double Serenity‘s opening weekend!) and a lot of CGI parasites. Here’s hoping that we’ll see a lot more of the slimy, nasty, REAL shit that’s been implied so far. But I’ll take a rectal insertion of digital slithering over ten more minutes of The Fog, hands down.

Enough talk. See parasites!

Old definition for pussies is here.

High Definition for sex machines is here!