Just yesterday I talked about The Rock venturing from films to the videogame industry, while today we’ll talk about Vin Diesel going in the opposite direction, converting polygons to motion pictures.

We heard a few months back that Diesel would label his melon with the barcode of Hitman, based on the multimillion-selling game franchise.  And now he’ll have someone to guide his assassin hands through the story: Fox has set their sights on writer Skip Woods to pen the script.  Woods is probably best known for writing Swordfish (a better script than the film would have you believe, ‘struth!) as well as Bryan Singer’s unmade Logan’s Run movie and the little-seen Tom Jane crime flick Thursday, which Woods also directed. I assume the film’s story will involve more than just bald mayhem.  But, y’know, that’d probably be cool too.

The games revolve around the proficient international contract killer of the title, a smooth-headed enigma known only as Codename 47 who pieces together his own mysterious genetic origins while using firepower, ingenuity and hi-tech equipment to eliminate a succession of targets.  Daniel Alter, Chuck Gordon and Adrian Askarieh are producing along with diehard gamer Diesel, who’ll also contribute to the next game in the franchise.

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