April 14

Media: A maddening Braves loss. What is this, the fucking 80’s? Two Justified episodes, which makes me one week ahead of broadcast. There’s a death coming, people!

Music: Nope.

Comedy: Listened to the Patton Oswalt, Todd Barry, and Otis director’s cut podcasts from Stand-Up Sit-Down. So good.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A little Cuban food at Mambo Jambo in a much-needed alone sitdown lunch. Just me, my mouths, great food, and my iPad. I have so many Words with Friends partners now I need long chunks of time to burn through them. Not complaining. Had some Chick-Fil-Christ. Had some Frangelico, which everyone but me loathes. Had lots of water. Had lots of coffee.

Family: I was a shattered being when I got home from softball so I waved at Catherine (who also was wiped) and collapsed on the bed for rest.

Friends: The ball team. Seeing the half-bald prince Cliff with the metal staples in his head from last week’s injury was a revelation. Poor guy. So dangerous.

Work: Jesus. The less said about the work the better. I love what I do but all the shit, and I mean ALL THE SHIT that has nothing to do with writing about the shit I need to write about (or appear on video about) wears me the fuck out. I am a madness ball.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Sadly, nothing was procured for myself. I want a treat!

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: Spoke with Steve Alten about a possible next book collaboration.

Minutia: I just remembered I forgot to run my Mary Worth.

Activity: The Punishers were undefeated. Until yesterday. I had a good game, going 2-3 with a HR and a 2B (which could have been called an error put I hit it deep and there was a lot of spin on it) and playing very good defense at 1B. The sun was in our eyes the whole time but we had no reason to lose that game. A few dumb plays, a player or two playing in the field that have no right to, and hitting the ball RIGHT at folks killed us. I also did some weights.

Ailments: My right foot is fucked. It feels like the bones are in wrong and the muscles are wrapped wrong around them.

Shrink’s Chair: If I could go back to any era or any staff in CHUD’s history… I wouldn’t.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Fucking relatives of the guy who occupies(d?) the office across from me. Staring assholes. Go stare into your mother’s ass.

True Trivia: My middle name is Charles. And I’m a Jr. You know what’s funny, I just realized I can be Chuck Nunziata. FUCK!

What Did I Learn Today: See above. I really haven’t acknowledged my own middle name in fucking decades.

Link of the Day: What Your Media Thinks of You: Coors Light. I need to shill my stuff more.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work.

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