Charisma machine The Rock is still looking for that cinematic smash in his post-grappling career, and while The Rundown got the most checkmarks on the quality scoresheet, it didn’t light up the box office for some reason.  Doom may have sufficient guns and monsters to bust open the vault door, and Southland Tales will probably stretch his skills, but here’s one you can cross off the list of potentials.

Awhile back he mentioned a sci-fi project called Species Human (I don’t think it was ever “officially” announced in the trades – Rock’s got some loose lips like that) and he was jizzy for the concept, which would feature him as an Earthling trying to escape an intergalactic zoo.  But while chatting with JoBlo, the always candid cat let it slip that the script wasn’t up to snuff (after the standard innumerable rewrites), and that they were considering just taking the premise and turning it into a videogame.

Though he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a feature film, if Rock went the same route as fellow avid gamer Vin Diesel on the excellent Riddick: Butcher’s Bay game and loaned his likeness and voice to the finished product (and got an exceptional developer working on it), they could wind up with a cracking sci-fi adventure for the impending next-gen consoles. And probably make a much bigger profit margin than the movie…

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