casThe saga of the making of Déjà Vu appears to be akin to the editing of a Tony Scott film. The project was on, with Denzel Washington in talks to star, and with New Orleans as the location. Then of course Katrina came and played havoc with everyone’s plans. Scott was going to shoot there anyway, but at the last minute the whole thing fell apart.

Now it’s back on. The city should have its dock, an important location for the film, rebuilt in time for the movie to shoot there this winter. This will make Déjà Vu the first movie to be filmed in New Orleans post-Katrina.

Denzel will be playing an FBI agent who travels back in time to save a woman’s life and falls in love with her. I guess he’s part of the new FBI Department of Chronal Crime? I get the feeling we shouldn’t be walking into this one looking for a great deal of coherence.

Let’s just hope that Tony doesn’t experience some déjà vu with this film when it comes to Domino’s box office defeat.

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