The Tribeca Film Festival has a lot of genre films playing this year in its Cinemania program, a group of selections that cover a range of horror, scifi horror and even Japanese Pink film. Although Sint (my review), Rabies, Grave Encounters, Beyond the Black Rainbow , Trollhunter (Jacob’s review), Neon Flesh and Underwater Love are all playing sadly only one of the four films I’ve seen so far has been worth it. Which could it be!

Could it be The Bleeding House, a film about a “family with a secret” that gets a visit from a man with a funny Texas accent who may or may not have a secret of his own? Well my review’s under embargo till next week, but let’s just say that I liked this poster better.

Click on it to see the big version over at Crave, who also unleashed this clip from the film, perhaps one of the more effective scenes.

Besides screening at Tribeca The Bleeding House will hit VOD on April 20th and have a limited theatrical run on May 13th.