Oddgod Press and Thor’s Creature Comics CONTEST!

 In celebration of our first ever Creature Comics Feature, Thor’s Comic Column and the fine folks at Oddgod Press present a very special contest with loads of fabulous prizes… but you’re going to have to work for them:

Let’s pretend you’re the brand new Editor on a line of four horror titles for which the head honchos have provided the names.  You’ve been given carte blanche to recruit any creators you wish for the positions of writer, artist and cover artist, the only catch is you can only use a creator once in each slot (So Mike Mignola could write/draw/cover one book, or he could write one book, draw another and provide covers for another).  But don’t stop there, you’ve got to sell the brass on each title with a one-line tag.


WRITER: Peter Milligan; ARTIST: Mike Allred; COVERS: Darwyn Cooke
TAG: A living Lichtenstein painting descends into the decadent, swinging world of 1960’s London, only to discover those mad, mod cats are out for brains.  BRAINS!

We know you can do better than that.

Here are the titles:

1. The Unholy Adventures of Vlad Masterson, Vampire Accountant (CPA)
2. Zombie ENNUI!
3. Monster Cooking Academy
4. It came from… BRAIN CRAZY

 The better the batch of four titles, the better the booty you shall receive.

Speaking of booty, here’s what’s up for stakes:

3rd place (5 winners): Copies of Strange Detective Tales: Dead Love #1, Runoff Book One and Love Eats Brains: A Zombie Romance all signed by their respective creators.

2nd place (3 winners): Along with the above, Runoff Book Two, Strange Detective Tales #2, and Scott Mills’ Zebediah the Hillbilly Zombie Redneck Bites the Dust.

1st place (1 winner): One set of the entire Oddgod Press catalog, adding to the above titles BIG DUMB FUN comics anthology, Oddgod Anthology #1 and #2, and an original piece of art by one of our creators (TBD).

All entries should be sent RIGHT HERE!


All submissions due by HALLOWEEN — Monday, October 31, 2005 (Pacific).  Winners will be announced in the week of November 6 column.  Voting will be done by the staff at Thor’s Comic Column and Oddgod Press.   You can try to bribe us, and we’ll take your stuff, but it won’t affect how we vote.