csaHalloween is an American tradition, but this year you should get out to theaters and celebrate it Asian style with Three… Extremes, a fantastic horror anthology film from three of the best directors the East has to offer.

Takashi Miike has a suitably Miike short, which is heavy on atmosphere and weirdness and short on actual sense-making – but it’s Miike. What do you expect? Park Chanwook brings us a wonderful little footnote to his Vengeance Trilogy. In my opinion the whole film is worth the admission price just for this segment.

Today we’re proud to bring you a pretty gruesome exclusive clip from the other segment, Fruit Chan’s Dumplings. It’s about a woman who has the secret to eternal youth – eating fetuses. It sort of gives stem cells a whole new spin, huh? This clip is not for those who are squeamish about discussions of which trimester makes for the best fetus eatin’. For the rest of you freaks and perverts, click below to watch Bai Ling make mincemeat out of abortions.