I am a non-ironic fan of the movie Footloose. I am also steeped in the Los Angeles sketch/improv comedy scene. So the epically silly concept behind Our Footloose Remake hits me in a sweet spot. Conceived by comics David Seger and Tim Marklevitz, the sketch-based experiment finds 54 directors recreating 58 scenes from the Kevin Bacon dance-classic (basically the whole movie), with different actors in each segment — featuring a good number of friends of mine from the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, plus a few semi-famous comedians. The finished product is feature length. Not all of it is uniformly funny, but if you enjoy Footlloose there is some fun to be had.

For more info, and a list of credits, visit the project’s website.


Our Footloose Remake (Full Movie) from DaveAOK on Vimeo.