Before Paramount’s remake of the Pang Brothers’ spooker The Eye (which is starring Renee Zellweger, as I recently reported HERE) can even undergo surgery, an update of its lesser sequel The Eye 2 (which starred pouty-lipped Hong Kong superstar Qi Shu) is already in the works.

The American version, titled In-Utero (and hence already in dire need of a name change), will again follow a woman with the unwanted ability to see spirits.  But instead of a corneal transplant (the catalyst for the univited phantoms in the original The Eye), this one involves a woman who, despondent over a failed relationship, tries to commit suicide.  When she’s resusciated, she realizes she’s pregnant and she can see the lingering spirits of the deceased, who apparently want to harm her unborn.

The $25 million New Line film is being put together by Asian remake specialists Vertigo and Gold Circle, who seem to be focusing on mid-budget horror like Whisper and Slither.  Writer Todd Stein has been assigned prenatal duty for the haunted mom-to-be.

Wonder why pregnant chicks are so emotional on our message boards!