April 12

Media: Scream 4. A Braves victory. About time. I hated the scary movie by the way, but I hate the whole series so take that as you will.

Music: No, though our music video is on the internet waiting for you.

Comedy: Stand-Up Sit-Down archives from XM. I listened to the George Carlin one, which was fantastic.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Made pancakes for breakfast. Movie theater hot dog. Hades. A Morning Glory muffin. Grilled chicken. Not bad. A Newcastle. No cigars. Coffee.

Family: Watched Rocco in the first part of the day because Mom had medical appointments. Then she and my Aunt Mary (visiting from NY) came over for a while. I also saw them in the evening. Saw Catherine but she knew what kind of mood I was in and kindly left me alone.

Friends: No. I had no bandwidth for much of anything.

Work: Worked a lot, but sadly on a lot of stuff that has little to nothing to do with the actual content. Which is becoming a common occurrence.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: I got goodies for the kids.

Screenwriting: Yes, on The Captive. A draft is done, but I am not fond of it.

Projects: Worked on the Western comic thing, not happy with it either.

Minutia: The guy at the coffee shop at Atlantic Station was fucking weird. I ordered a drink and he wouldn’t let me pay. Which sucks because I had to race like a pisshorse. Then he gave me the bill and walked away. I literally had to force someone to let me pay them. It was odd. I think they hate whites. I don’t blame them.

Activity: Some low impact stuff. I think the activity I would have done would have been intentionally self destructive.

Ailments: Just significant disappointment, regret, and anger.

Shrink’s Chair: It is time for many years of being misunderstood and treated like the bad guy to be replaced with understanding and other folks stepping up. So many things are coming to a head right now work-wise that something GOOD really, REALLY needs to happen. CHUD and GUY are great sites. Folks need to remember that there’s no guarantee they’ll always be there.

Asshole(s) of the Day: YouTube. All of a sudden we can’t upload files longer than fifteen minutes. And there’s no contact phone numbers like real businesses have. Fucking insane.

True Trivia: I burned the first few rows of hair on my head when I was younger bending over to pick something up near the stove.

What Did I Learn Today: I have a breaking point.

Link of the Day: Licor 43. The most underappreciated after dinner drink out there.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Child care. Auto care. Stress.

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