csaCongratulations are in order for Aint It Cool News’ Drew McWeeny (aka Moriarty) and his writing partner, Scott Swann, who have sold another script.

This one is called Invasion, and it’s a horror script built around a home invasion – either the real thing, or the Ice-T record. Todd Garner and Mike Fleissare producing the film. Garner has worked with the writing duo before, when he ran Revolution, where their script Post Human ended up. According to Garner, Drew and Scott "have a great understanding of the (horror) genre. And Mike, too. I’m really leaning on these guys to make sure we are trying to do something a little out of the ordinary."

You may have seen Todd Garner’s name on the credits for The Fog, if you resisted the urge to poke your fucking eyes from your head while watching what is possibly one of the worst films ever made. He produced that hideous pile of crap, but I won’t hold it against him, just this once. I don’t know if any human can take the blame for that film – it’s like some Lovecraftian Old One awoke, entered this dimension and shat across our cinema screens.

The first Drew and Scott script to be produced will be Cigarette Burns, their piece for Showtime’s Masters of Horror. Did you enter our PSP contest tied into that show?

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