xcsaThere are a couple of landmark films in my life, and one of those has to be Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. I was impressed that this film was so nasty, so bleak – and so good. At that point in my Fangoria-subscribing life, I just assumed horror films had bad actors and nonsense stories. But here was a film that was well-made and fairly deep.

Dan Epstein, official teddy bear of the Suicide Girls, had a chance to speak with Henry director John McNaughton on the set of his episode of Masters of Horror (look for a very cool contest from us about this very, very soon), and the subject of a Henry sequel (I am so not counting that piece of shit Henry 2) was broached, with positive results!

John McNaughton: Michael Rooker and I met with a young playwright named RJ
Tsarov a couple weeks ago in LA. He’s working on a follow up picture to
Henry that we would both be doing.

DRE: Does it pick him Henry up 20 years later?

JM: Yeah, in prison.

DRE: How much of a go is this picture?

JM: I think it’s just a matter of working out the deal. I think they’ll be
many people interested in producing this picture. There’s a couple already.
It’s just a matter of how we’re going to work out the deal with the original
producer. Whether they’ll put up the money or whether we’ll get money from

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