acsI was hoping that I could tell whether the next Harrison Ford movie, Manhunt, would be any good based on the director chosen. Now a director has been hired – and I remain baffled.

Manhunt is about the 12 day search for the man who shot Abraham Lincoln (I won’t spoil it for you by revealing the killer!), with Ford leading the charge. What makes this film intriguing is the fact that Harrison Ford hasn’t made a good film in over a decade, and this one sounds like it has promise – depending on how it’s handled.

So who’s the man behind the camera? Sebastian Cordero, a name most of you probably don’t know. I did see a film of his earlier this year, the insanely frustrating Cronicas, a Spanish language film starring John Leguizamo as a TV reporter covering a child killer case. The film is basically good, with some fine moments, but in the end it just goes nowhere, and you feel like you wasted a lot of time.

At least Manhunt is guaranteed to have a resolution. You know, even if the film ends up sucking, I think Cordero is a brave and noble choice. Which probably means Ford will leave the project soon.

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