casFor those of you sick of Kirsten Dunst’s lazy lidded performances bringing movie after movie to their knees, you will soon get the distinct pleasure of seeing her bite the dust at the hands, innards and shards of flying steel of an Iraqi suicide bomber.

The film she will be starring in is an as-yet unnamed biopic of Marla Ruzicka, a 28-year old American relief worker who traveled to Afghanistan and Iraq to help the civilian casualties. She started a non-profit called the Campaign for Innocent Victims of Conflict, and raised almost 30 million dollars for the hundreds of thousands who were injured or killed by the “liberation.”

This is a great story, and one that should be told, but why Dunst? Why do people keep hiring her? Her performances tend to be sleepy at best, and there’s just something increasingly discomforting about looking at her face. I would love to see an actress with some chops taking on this role, a Kate Winslet type, perhaps.

Realize that the latest Iraq bombing raids in Ramdi killed at least 20 innocents, including 6 children, at last count on our message board.