I’ve been scrambling to catch up on news bits today — and this was one that seemed iffy as of this afternoon but then shifted into Actual Casting News.

Slashfilm uncoverted a bit of casting news on The Tracking Board that said Daniel Sunjata had joined the cast in an unspecified role.

Warner Bros and Sunjata’s reps remained silent, but Variety got the confirmation.  Sunjata will be playing a “courageous special forces operative.”    He’s joined by Diego Klattenhoff who is a “rookie cop who is looking to make a difference”  and Burn Gorman in an unspecified (but probably as a policeman or a thug) role.

I’m not familiar with the other two, but Sunjata is a good pick.   I liked him a lot on Rescue Me, and if he gets to throw down with Christian Bale once, I will consider my ticket well spent.   I’ll also settle for some kind of violent and sexualized confrontation with Anne Hathaway.

How can I wish for such things? Well, I bet they all start out hunting Batman, but then they realize they must all unite against a greater threat.   I know, some brilliant deductive work there on my part.