Considering Limitless’ strong hold on the box office, I was curious what might be thrown Bradley Cooper’s way since it would appear he can actually open a movie.  Good for him!

Sure enough, it would appear some big budget stuff is being thrown his way, and one is reportedly The Crow.

According to Heat Vision,  Cooper has entered early talks to play Eric Draven. It’s not a done deal — Relativity won’t even confirm the talks — but Cooper and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo met and  geeked out over their vision of the character.  Word has it that Cooper really, really wants to do it.

It seems a shame to hide that face under the Crow make-up, but it would probably make his Popsicle blue eyes pop…I mean, er, he’s a more interesting pick than Mark Wahlberg, who was reportedly up for it in the last go round.  Cooper has been sidelined a little as “the arrogant douchbag” character, but he was solid in Limitless, and his pre-Hangover work is pretty varied and enjoyable.  I don’t know if he’s right for The Crow, but it would be fun to see him do brooding and tormented over smarmy for a change.

We’ll see if he signs — and if it puts him in the running for The Flash which is what I want to see him sign to.