24 is a weird show. It’s so dumb. So heightened. So predictable in its attempts to be unpredictable.

But it’s still of value and in no small part to Kiefer Sutherland’s gritty and sometimes hilariously intense portrayal of Man of Action Jack Bauer. I love that the show had a life and may continue to have a continuation on the big screen. If for nothing else than to hear Jack Bauer swear.

Brian Grazer, in addition to having the nuttiest hair this side of The Human League, recently confirmed Kiefer’s statement that in addition to the Mayan Doomsday and a new Kiss album… we’d be seeing a movie based on 24 hitting screens in 2012. As many of you know, this is becoming one of those news items that doesn’t die. It’s been bandied about since the show was was on the air, but one begins to speculate if they’re using the media as an engine to drum up buzz and interest for leverage’s sake.

Either way, it’s better to try out the show as a feature franchise rather than allowing it (and with it Kiefer’s chances for a big screen revival) to wither away.

Plus, it gave me a chance to once again showcase a pine tree get tackled.