April 11

Media: None. I’d rather make my own media than take in someone else’s.

Music: Made a commercial instead of music. It is retarded.

Comedy: More Chris Rock. He’s at his best when not talking about sex. Sex comedy gets old so fast.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: No booze. No smoke. Some chicken for lunch, BORING. Some chicken for dinner, BORING. One funny thing, the guy in front of me at the Jesus Fil-A drive-thru really didn’t want to eat all of a sudden, because he was at the ordering box and drove over the concrete curb, scraping his undercarriage (slang) like a motherfucker as he hightailed it out of there.

Family: Said hello to the wife and then tried to occupy myself with work. Not in a social mood upon return.

Friends: The office crowd. Tried to get cards going, because I needed it. Didn’t happen.

Work: Worked on many aspects of the podcast. Recorded a new commercial. Did a puppet show. Did connective tissue for the pod (trivia, introductions). Worked on articles. Dealt with personnel issues. Dealt with “corporate”. Shitty day all told, and for the first time in fifteen years I’m mulling a career change.

Art: Yes, but that’s debatable.

Goodies: No goodies.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: Worked on the Western comic thing, not happy with it.

Minutia: Very good to talk to Cliff and hear him in good spirits. He could have died if he waited any longer for treatment. Fine line between pride and stupidity, sir! Be well.

Activity: Not nearly enough. The good weather will heal me once I make time to frolic in it.

Ailments: If I continue having these little vision/headache issues, I will look into scanning my brain for tumors. That’d explain a whole lot.

Shrink’s Chair: I need to watch the baseball game on Tuesday from beginning to end, unmolested. I need it. A Braves day off has a negative affect on me.

Asshole(s) of the Day: The religious jerk in front of me with no less than six messages on the back of his car about how I’m going to Hell and he’s going to Heaven. Watch it, fucker or I’ll send you to Heaven now.

True Trivia: I can’t float.

What Did I Learn Today: I care a lot more about missing pieces from my camera equipment than anyone else does.

Link of the Day: Five reasons Arthur flopped. FUCKING DUH.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Headaches.

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