Atlanta folks, our illustrious Boston editor Dave Davis is here in town and in a short while our New York firebrand ("I’m a fire cracker, get it?") Devin Faraci will be arriving this afternoon. Their presence in town plus the fact we haven’t had a coffee meeting in some time tells me it’s high time we did one of those sons of bitches. In addition to what is surely a lovely group for discussing films (stalwarts Micah Robinson, Andrew Sweeney, and Justin Waddell are likely to be in attendance), I’ll have passes for a variety of films (Stay, Three Extremes, and Doom) as well as a handful of DVDs to give out. Why? Because we are nice gentlemen. We’ll talk about movies and enjoy some time amongst other highly intelligent people.


11:22am on Saturday.


The Village Veranda in Alpharetta (MAP)

This is an open invite, though please do not come if you’re elderly or do not speak English.