April 9

Media: Fuck the Phillies. I hope their team plane crashes in midair into a plane full of Phillie fans and the debris falls onto Citizens Bank ball Park. Actually… I just wish the Braves would win against them, but why just be lucid?

Music: Worked on a whole mess of mixes for The Wizard’s Keys (final track listing done, 15 songs), The Killing Swarm, and the project John and I are working on (working title: Mr. Pussy). Some pretty good stuff coming along.

Comedy: Listened to Chris Rock’s ‘greatest hits’ CD. The guy is so sharp.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: A breakfast wrap at Cafe au Lait filled with cucumbers, ham, onions, and cheese. Also, possibly filled with the Nightbreed. It raped my stomach like I’d eaten Pinball Flakes for breakfast. Dinner was the lovely Pearl Lian. Super Crunch Rolls, Pearl Lian Rolls, Mongolian Triple, and a couple of steamed pot stickers. Delight. I tried a new spiced rum at Jeffrey’s, plenty of coffee. No cigars, and frankly… the combination of heat, bad air circulation, and dreary vibe kept me from wanting one.

Family: Took my aunt to dinner as she was returning to New York after spending a week with Mom. Mom also dropped by the coffee meeting. Hung with the family in the evening.

Friends: Nice turnout for the coffee meeting. Cesar, Dennis, Steve, Micah, Colin, Andrea, Renn, Justin, Gray, Mom, Kurt, and myself. Not bad at all. Good to see everyone. Will try to do one a month and see if it sticks. John came over later on and we jammed out a few tunes, including one called ‘Too Sweet to Beat’ that created the biggest blister I’ve ever had. I played guitar and bass. Not at the same time, my name’s not Charlie Hunter. Good stuff. Then, he beat me in a game of darts and was too tired to play a rematch. Because he is gay.

I also found this old picture of possibly the best friend I’ve ever had:

Gretchen (and Zeta). I miss them terribly.

Work: Fuck work. Really. Fuck it.

Art: Some. I think.

Goodies: No.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: No.

Minutia: Just a friendly reminder to all: If you begin dating or marry someone and become so caught up in it that you become a non-entity to your friends…. you are dogshit.

Activity: A robust jacking. Kidding! Maybe. I did the goddamn weights, and then had to move them to play darts. I am a martyr.

Ailments: The blister from Midian. It broke at one point in the song, cascading the neck of the guitar with sauce of me.

Shrink’s Chair: I instantly hate people and rush to judgment so fast these days. Just try and walk by wearing a mustache like this without me seething at your soul.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Cock who saw me walking behind with my kid in my arms who didn’t hold the door for me at Pearl Lian. Rude fucker. I hope his bones die.

True Trivia: One of the three girls I had the biggest crushes on in high school I later found out totally would have accepted my seed, but the sad part of the story is that she’s become a nightmare to look at. So I lucked out. 

Link of the Day: The Atomic Bitchwax. No one rips amazing riffs on top of amazing riffs like these fellas.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Work. Play. Garage cleaning.

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