cxsaMike Myers is solidifying his position as a force for evil in Hollywood – not only is he signed on for two more Shrek films, and not only is he going to be playing Keith Moon in a biopic (seriously, I can’t get my fucking head around how wrong that is. Was Starr Jones unavailable?), he is also thinking about coming back for a fourth Austin Powers film.

The spy spoof series, which was mildly amusing a few years back, and then became mildly amusing again when every asshole would run around quoting Dr.Evil like they fucking discovered it, which made your decision to despise these people with every fiber of your being that much easier, has been lying dormant for the last few years, like an Al Qaeda sleeper cell member. But now the order may be coming to wake up and spread anthrax throughout the subways.

The rumors began last week when Michael (Logan’s Run) York was interviewed on the radio and said that he had heard there was some discussion about going with a Young Austin Powers film, keeping in line with the supposed de-aging of James Bond in his franchise (although can we even really begin to believe that? There’s more nonsense coming out of the rumors about Casino Royale than there is coming out of the White House press room). Now Myers is sort of confirming this:

"There is hope!" Myers said, which was really the wrong word choice. "We’re all circling and talking to each other. I miss doing the characters." Which characters – the two or three he keeps recycling throughout his career? Maybe he can find an opportunity to have yet another fucking Scottish accent in this one.

Choke on it, Myers.