*For Monday.

My friend Mike Russell – who runs Culturepulp and just did a wonderful interview with Marjane Satrapi and also writes for the Oregonian – does some movie talking on the Portland radio, and when he was unable to attend an early screening of Rambo asked me to do a little filling in with the Chudboard’s own Fatboy Roberts about the loaded magnum opus.

That show is here.

For the record, Rambo is currently the best 2008 film I’ve seen, and I don’t know what will dethrone it. Certainly nothing this weekend.

“Surrender” – as the boards have essayed – is one of the greatest pop songs of all time. I’ve never been a Beach Boys fan, perhaps because I associate them with Sunkist all too closely, but “God Only Knows” could be the best. Just like Rules of the Game or Rio Bravo or Happy Together or Trouble in Paradise could be the best. Fuck you PT Anderson, Boogie Nights didn’t deserve it. (Sorry Boogie Nights fans)

This weekend, I should – should – have some down time. I will either write up Eyes Without a Face (Here’s the thing, I should give a nod to Bob Clark for that one), The Wizard of Oz, or Croupier. Or whatever’s behind Door #4, as it were. Look for something interesting. Maybe more before that though, I’m just saying.