April 8

Media: A much needed Braves win.

Music: Finished the song StormHead (listen to it here), which Renn has made a very cool music video of. It’ll debut this week on the CHUD video podcast.

Comedy: After re-indexing my iTunes library I was able to find many of the CD’s that mysteriously vanished. Enjoyed ol’ Todd Barry’s Medium Energy. So good.

Food/Drink/Inhalents: Some Chick Fil-A.  Prohibition Hummus. Some pizza at Sal’s Pizza late in the night. Many drinks. Newcastle. Bramble. Horse’s Neck. Dark and Stormy. Modified bourbon sour (w/raw egg). Enjoyed a Fuente Hemingway.

Family: Like ships in the night.

Friends: The office gang. Then the old cigar shop gang. Then my friends from high school. Courtney and her husband Dave, whom I picked up at their house (after watching the first two shitty innings of the Braves game) and then the unfuckwithable Jeremy Healy. People I have known since the late 80’s, fell out of touch with, and then came back strong to love as if no time had passed. Great folks. A great time. And many great hours back with Bob and Tom, the best bartenders on this globe.

Work: Much work, but another frustrating day. Something’s wrong with my head. Structure. Heavy expectations. That’s what resumes next week.

Art: Some.

Goodies: I bought myself a haircut. Was very close to getting a buzz cut, but decided to nuke the sides and and neck to very short and allow the long hair to hang over it. It’s always a comfort thing with me. I’m not ultra concerned with how I look (obviously, as proven by the video stuff on the site), but if I feel uncomfortable I cannot function.

Screenwriting: No.

Projects: I think we have a director for the pilot of the TV show. And he has a massive track record.

Minutia: After all my bitching about the softball team, the coach was horribly injured the night I chose not to go. Brain injury. Broken bones in the face. Much damage. Could have died. Very sad, and horribly unfair to a special dude. He’ll heal, but it’s still a shitty and unfortunate thing.

Activity: No.

Ailments: None, surprisingly.

Shrink’s Chair: I find myself increasingly more envious of the people who clock out at 5pm and don’t have to think about work until 9am the next day.

Asshole(s) of the Day: One of the owners of the bar we hang out (not Prohibition), who even had the gall to make a comment about one of our gang possibly being involved in the theft of a television there.

True Trivia: Out of the 5 CHUD holiday gift exchanges I’ve participated in, I’ve gotten shafted in 2 of them.

Link of the Day: Frank Espinosa! I love this comic artist to death.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Coffee meeting. Family stuff. Life.

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